The Mandal's membership is open to all Marathi speaking and other interested persons. New members are provided a complimentary basic membership of the Mandal, for one year.

To purchase membership for Year 2018 please register and create a new account on

There are two classes of membership - Basic and Patron.

Basic Membership

The basic membership fee is intended to cover the Mandal's administrative costs. Those paying the basic membership fee receive the Mandal's newsletter "Snehbandh". Such members, along with other members of the family, are also eligible to attend the Mandal's programs at the membership rates and to participate in the Mandal's activities. Non-members are charged higher entry fees for most of the programs.

Patron Membership

Patron membership covers the basic membership plus the entry fees for the three main programs (Vasantik, Ganesh pooja and Diwali). Three levels of patron membership fees are available Single, Couple(Covers any dependent children under age 25 and dependent parents). Patron Couple's and Patron Single's dependent children can attend the Mandal programs by paying member's rates, and can attend Youth Camp by paying member's rates.

Complimentary membership will be offered once for one year to new comers to Canada who have come during last three years.